Executive Enterprise Celebrates a Diverse Culture

Executive Enterprise is recognized in the industry for excellence, which according to Jaclyn, the firm's CEO, has much to do with the diverse company culture she's cultivated. She recently discussed her secrets to team building.

 Diversity is important to Jaclyn, who in addition to leading Executive Enterprise has a long history of working with international students and has built relationships with different embassies in the past. She brings this spirit of thinking global to the firm, hoping that it will have the same positive impact on the team it has had on her personally.

For Jaclyn, building a strong culture within Executive Enterprise is key to business success. She works hard to ensure team members have the resources they need to succeed and she leads by example when it comes to inclusion. Everyone’s ideas and input add value to the organization, whether it’s a campaign initiative or a new process. By welcoming contributions and various perspectives, the results prove that Jaclyn’s approach is effective.

Executive Enterprise’s CEO on Company Culture and Overall Team Building

Team Executive Enterprise is never far from Jaclyn’s mind. She’s continually considering ways to strengthen bonds within the office, knowing that when everyone clicks, it’s evident to the outside world as well. 

The key to team bonding is to get away from normal office routines, which happens at Executive Enterprise’s gatherings outside of the office. Whether it’s a night out at a favorite restaurant or something more active, like bowling or laser tag, Jaclyn knows that this group is building better rapports. This increases their communication as they work, creating a high-performing team. When everyone works together like cogs in a wheel, productivity increases, as do the results they deliver for their national service partners.

There are other ways to engage the team, which Jaclyn includes in her leadership strategy. For one, everyone needs to understand the overall company vision, purpose, and what is expected of them to realize goals. Specificity is important, as are metrics so each person can track their progress as well as the team’s. 

Having the right skills and attitudes are important too. Everyone is trained in business basics and leadership skills, and empowered to apply them innovatively for fresh solutions. Because Jaclyn recruits for diversity not only in culture, but expertise, she’s built a team with unique perspectives and complementary strengths, which adds depth to what this firm can deliver. The outcomes they have achieved speak well of Jaclyn’s vision for Executive Enterprise’s long-term growth.

About Executive Enterprise: 
Executive Enterprise is a leading provider of customer acquisitions in the telecommunication industry. The firm’s executives are skilled in generating fast interest in telecommunication services using personalized solutions. Their outreach approach is based on forming connections that address individual needs. With a culture steeped in ongoing learning, this team stays ahead of industry trends. They are passionate about meeting sales and marketing goals and providing top-tier service. Their energy is evident in all they do. Learn more about how they’ll outpace the competition at executive-enterpriseny.com.

Source: Executive Enterprise