Executive Enterprise CEO on How to Run an Effective Business

Executive Enterprise's CEO, Jaclyn Zepernick, is a recognized expert in how to run business ventures. Her recent blog on LinkedIn highlights the four practices she encourages emerging leaders to implement.

“As a CEO, I am frequently contacted by new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners,” said Zepernick, who not only leads but coaches members of Team Executive Enterprise. “I am able to provide my advice and opinion on how to run a business. I am also able to provide a cool perspective to a variety of audiences.”

Zepernick is extremely cognizant of the impact her methods have had on Executive Enterprise and the success they’ve attained. She chose to share that knowhow with other business leaders by putting it in writing. “Recently, I wrote a personal blog on the four simple ways to delegate and duplicate in business,” she said. “These practices include do everything in 3s, get your next-gen management team involved in the evaluation of your potential candidates, create problem solvers, and learn how to delegate responsibilities effectively and wisely.”

Executive Enterprise CEO Shares Highlights From Her Blog

Taking note of what’s worked within the Executive Enterprise model, Zepernick details each of the four practices she recommends leaders to implement. 

Doing everything in 3s refers to ongoing knowledge transfer. Rather than train one person on how to accomplish a task, and risk losing that wisdom should this person leave, Zepernick prefers to train people at various levels, from incoming members to her top leaders. This way, there’s always someone within the organization who is in the know on a process or technique.

Getting the next-gen management team involved in the evaluation of potential candidates has multiple benefits according to Zepernick. Not only is this practice empowering in the sense that it teaches top leaders how to recruit and hire, but it’s important that successful candidates be able to work with the current team. Who better to understand the qualities needed from incoming people than those who are in the job right now?

Creating problem solvers is about developing a team that is willing to think through any situation and come up with an effective approach to overcome challenges. To ensure that her people develop this critical skill, when anyone comes to her with an issue, Zepernick asks them what their first two solutions are, rather than provide them with an immediate answer. Even if their choices are incorrect, there’s a learning component that Zepernick feels is richer than simply giving someone the key first.

Finally, the last practice is delegating responsibilities effectively and wisely. Zepernick is confident in whom she passes along tasks to because of her training approach, which includes one to two weeks of teaching someone how to perform a task and one or more weeks of monitoring, combined with plenty of guidance and support. According to her, it takes 21 days for a habit to form, but once someone grasps the concept, it’s easier to let go and allow them to run with it.

Learn more about Zepernick’s thoughts by reading her full blog on LinkedIn. 

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