Executive Enterprise: Engaging Career Opportunities

The management of Executive Enterprise recently described the firm's unique interviewing and onboarding process designed to identify candidates who are the best cultural fits. Additionally, the CEO shared why it's important to hire well.

“Without a doubt, Executive Enterprise’s solid reputation in the customer acquisition industry is a direct reflection of our recruitment and onboarding process,” said Jaclyn, the firm’s CEO. “We focus on precision at every step, from knowing where and how to recruit, to selecting the right candidates to join our team, to ensuring they have the resources and support needed to thrive in business.”

The first step is a preliminary phone interview. “During this phase, we have a list of qualifications that we look for in candidates,” Jaclyn explained. “The person conducting this initial meeting will go through the person’s résumé and ask other questions that can draw out information that will decide if this individual is ready to go to the next round.”

Without a doubt, Executive Enterprise's solid reputation in the customer acquisition industry is a direct reflection of our recruitment and onboarding process.

Jaclyn, CEO

If a candidate is advanced to the second round in the hiring process, he or she will meet with one of Executive Enterprise’s corporate trainers. “In this phase, we can dig deeper to learn about the personal traits that this applicant might possess,” Jaclyn stated. “The qualities we seek are someone who is a team player, personable, positive, and able to work well in a fast-paced environment and deliver results. We can teach people the methods we use, but they need to have the right attitude and drive to excel.”

In the final round, candidates who have been deemed potential hires by the trainers are invited to meet with Jaclyn herself. “If someone reaches this phase, it’s a very good sign,” she said. “It’s a strong indication that he or she is a good cultural fit.”

Executive Enterprise’s CEO on the Importance of Hiring Well

Jaclyn noted that the Executive Enterprise interview process is thorough for good reason. “When you’re providing consulting and marketing services, it’s necessary to have people on board who simply shine,” she said. “These are people who will represent our national service partners, so it’s vital that we have individuals who are professional, pleasant, and ambitious when it comes to reaching goals. We also do a lot of networking, so our new hires should be comfortable in connecting with others.”

Team interaction is a strong component of the office environment, which is another factor considered when hiring. “Newcomers should be able to mix with our current associates and collaborate effectively,” she added. “We like to bring people into our office who have diverse backgrounds but are open to sharing ideas and accepting feedback. This way, everyone succeeds together. I can’t stress enough how key our people are to achieving our common goals, which is why we invest time and energy to attract, hire, and keep the right talent as we grow.”

About Executive Enterprise:
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