Executive Enterprise Harnesses the Power of Social Media

A senior manager at Executive Enterprise detailed the rising influence of social media in the marketing realm. She also discussed how the firm uses social media to boost customer loyalty.

​Company leaders at Executive Enterprise are well aware of how much power social media has as a promotion tool. There are millions of apps, websites, and other tech platforms that can be used. As a result, companies have more chances to interact with customers than ever before. “We view social media as a great way to bond with customers,” stated Jaclyn Zepernick, senior manager at Executive Enterprise. “We also know that you have to be smart about how you use it if you want to take full advantage of its potential.”

Connecting with customers and building trust with them can be accomplished through social media. However, it’s crucial that a company matches its online presence with great service. As Jaclyn noted, “Social media is great for reaching customers, but it’s also the quickest way for people to expose terrible service and poor products. Your public face has to match your commitment to excellence. Otherwise, you might as well not use social media at all.”

"We view social media as a great way to bond with customers,"

Jaclyn , Senior Manager

Jaclyn and the rest of the Executive Enterprise leadership team also view social media as a tool for obtaining feedback. She remarked, “Communicating through social media is a two-way street. You must listen to what people are saying about you on Facebook, Twitter, and in blog comments. If you do, you’ll get helpful insight that can guide product and service improvements within your firm.”

Executive Enterprise on Building Customer Loyalty With Social Media

“We try to make every interaction as positive as possible,” Jaclyn stated. “That includes every social media encounter. We are able to rapidly address people’s concerns and offer help through these outlets. In addition, we are able to build strong loyalty with our users.”

Customer loyalty is established and reinforced with each interaction. The senior manager explained, “Every time we connect with a customer through these platforms, we have an occasion to strengthen the satisfaction that they have already felt. The fact that they will then refer our firm to others is an added bonus.”

Jaclyn and the other leaders at Executive Enterprise are committed to making the most of social media in the future. She said, “Emerging technology will continue to affect the way we communicate with the public. Whatever happens, we will create memorable interactions that lead to happy customers and big wins for the brands that we promote.r

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