Executive Enterprise is Adding to Dynamic Team

Executive Enterprise's CEO discussed the firm's hiring push, which covers entry-level positions and internships. She also outlined the company's immersive training approach and detailed ways new hires can make strong impressions.

“Our team is excited to announce that we are hiring for entry-level marketing positions and internships,” stated Jaclyn, the firm’s CEO. “Applicants who have strong work ethics and are committed to learning new things will fit right into our culture. Those who come aboard will build leadership acumen, improve communication, and learn essential administrative skills.”

Incoming members of Team Executive Enterprise start gaining real-world experience from their first days on the job. Rather than outdated manuals and videos, company leaders prefer to involve new hires in important projects to accelerate their development. Jaclyn noted, “Hands-on training is the best way to ensure knowledge transfer. Those who join our team receive one-to-one coaching from seasoned associates, which allows them to quickly build confidence.”

"Our team is excited to announce that we are hiring for entry-level marketing positions and internships."

Jaclyn, CEO

Plentiful networking opportunities also greet Executive Enterprise’s newest team members. The CEO explained, “Travel incentives aren’t just for our experienced associates; we send new additions to conferences and other events as well. Being around successful people with different approaches to thriving in our industry is an ideal way to learn. This is another example of our immersive approach to professional development in action.”

Executive Enterprise’s CEO on How New Hires Can Make Positive Impressions

It’s important for both entry-level team members and interns to make lasting positive impressions when they join an organization. One of the best strategies is to pose insightful inquiries. Jaclyn remarked, “Especially in an atmosphere of constant improvement like we maintain at Executive Enterprise HQ, asking thoughtful questions is a sure way to make a name for yourself. Showing curiosity about every aspect of our operations will help new hires learn more about their roles, our company, and even our industry as a whole. We always welcome questions from our interns and entry-level hires.”

Interns and new hires can also impress by pushing beyond their comfort zones. Volunteering for big projects is a proven strategy for achieving this goal. The CEO added, “When people who are new to our team show that they’re willing to challenge themselves, we take note. We’re a company that rewards ambition, so taking the initiative to accelerate development is a sure way to impress around our office. This is an aggressive mind-set we expect team members to maintain throughout their career journeys.”

About Executive Enterprise: 

Executive Enterprise is a leading provider of customer acquisitions in the telecommunication industry. The firm’s executives are skilled in generating fast interest in telecommunication services using personalized solutions. Their outreach approach is based on forming connections that address individual needs. With a culture steeped in ongoing learning, this team stays ahead of industry trends. They are passionate about meeting sales and marketing goals and providing top-tier service. Their energy is evident in all they do. Learn more about how they’ll outpace the competition at executive-enterpriseny.com.

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