Executive Enterprise on the Role a Circle of Influence Plays

Executive Enterprise's senior manager believes in the power that an individual's circle of influence has in determining his or her ability to succeed. She shared thoughts on that topic, along with tips for making career investments.

“Some professionals underestimate the importance of the company they keep, but I believe that the people with whom you surround yourself really matter,” stated Jaclyn Zepernick, senior manager at Executive Enterprise. “I think it’s crucial to spend time around people who challenge you to become better. It’s tempting to want to be the smartest person in the room at all times, but if that’s the case, you won’t have anyone to act as a motivator.”

One of the most famous advocates of the circle of influence concept is Jim Rohn, a renowned motivational speaker and self-help guru. He asserts that everyone has a group of five people who they spend the most time with, and who influence their development and performance. In Jaclyn Zepernick’s estimation, this is what makes a person’s circle of influence so important and so worthy of constant revision. As she put it, “If someone is bringing down your average just by spending a lot of time with you, it’s time to reduce that person’s involvement in your life. I realize that sounds harsh, but if a person isn’t willing or able to elevate your thinking and your performance, why would you want to let him or her drag you down?”

Some professionals underestimate the importance of the company they keep, but I believe that the people with whom you surround yourself really matter.

Jaclyn Zepernick, Senior Manager

It’s important to note that a circle of influence is apt to change over time, especially as an individual reaches new levels in his or her professional journey. “It’s not as though you simply throw friends and colleagues away if they aren’t helping you grow,” the senior manager added. “True friendship will always endure; you might just need to diminish one person’s involvement in order to spend more time with someone who will challenge you to improve and perform at a higher level.”

Executive Enterprise’s Senior Manager Offers Tips for Making Career Investments

Even the most accomplished professionals can benefit from investing in their careers, and the leadership team at Executive Enterprise encourages their associates to do just that. One approach Jaclyn Zepernick recommends is to constantly seek ways to improve skills. As she explained, “Even if you are strong in a particular area, you can’t assume that your technique doesn’t need some fine tuning. I encourage my team members to find online seminars or take classes to improve their skills, even if they’ve already built them up significantly. In short, I tell them to always continue fueling their strengths.”

Another way that people can fortify their career standing is by investing in their families and personal lives. “Balance really is the key to success,” added the senior manager. “By dedicating more time and attention to their pursuits outside of work, our associates gain broader perspectives and bring a well-rounded approach to projects back at the office. Striking the perfect work/life balance isn’t easy, but it leads to better performance in both areas.”

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