Executive Enterprise Takes International Trip to Mexico

Jaclyn, CEO of Executive Enterprise, is looking forward to taking her team on an international rest and relaxation retreat to Cancun, Mexico. Jaclyn discussed what it takes to qualify for the trip, and the value of business travel.

​Recognizing and rewarding people for their hard work is both a responsibility and an honor, according to Jaclyn. She enjoys showing her team members how much they are appreciated, and also knows that by doing so she motivates and inspires them. Which is exactly what this annual R&R trip to Cancun is all about: letting everyone on Team Executive Enterprise know that their hard work is noticed and valued.

Since this is an international adventure, Jaclyn has developed a competition that will allow people to qualify for the event. Habits, sales, compliance, and other daily activities will factor into the decisions. Points will be assigned for positive behavior, while points can be lost as well. For example, hitting a predetermined productivity level for three days in a row, helping with office image, teaching back, promoting a leader, and breaking a record are all ways to earn points.

Benefits Team Members Enjoy From Executive Enterprise’s Travel Program

There are many simpler ways to say thank you than a company trip, but Jaclyn is convinced that the benefits of travel far outweigh the costs. For instance, when her crew heads out of the office and to a new locale, it always broadens their horizons and stretches them out of their comfort zones. When they come back to Executive Enterprise HQ, they are more open-minded and resilient.

Also, business trips unite team members in a way few other events can. The time spent traveling back and forth to a destination is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another better, and the shared memories of a trip (especially one to Cancun!) are the perfect foundation for lifelong friendships. These strong bonds influence our Executive Enterprise culture, making our workplace fun and inviting.

Trips are also a chance to get everyone on the same page, according to Jaclyn. First of all, they’re a way of ensuring open channels of communication across departments and projects, because team members get to know colleagues they may not work with on a day-to-day basis. Jaclyn likes to use the energy that comes from being away from home to set exciting new goals for the future. This way, when the team returns, they’re ready to use the momentum gained on the trip to hit their next milestone.

This Cancun trip is sure to be remembered for years to come, and everyone is working hard to qualify. Jaclyn looks forward to seeing which team members she will be spending a weekend in paradise with.

About Executive Enterprise: 
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Source: Executive Enterprise