Executive Enterprise Talks Expansion, Growth Opportunities

Executive Enterprise is expanding operations to two new markets, and the firm's senior manager detailed the high achievers who are leading the ventures. She also discussed growth opportunities within the organization.

​With more companies selecting Executive Enterprise to heighten the awareness and profitability of their brands, the firm’s leaders have chosen two of their top performers to lead expansion efforts into two exciting new markets. Franklin B. will be heading up a new team in Florida, while Daniel N. will lead an operation in Virginia. As Jaclyn Zepernick, the company’s senior manager, commented, “I am really looking forward to seeing what Franklin and Daniel accomplish with their teams in these vibrant markets. We are all confident in their abilities, and we’ll be cheering for them from afar.”

When describing the unique talents of each of these new managers, Jaclyn stated, “Franklin has incredible communication skills and organizational abilities, which are sure to come in handy as his team settles into the new office. Daniel is goal oriented and knows how to identify transformative talents, so he’ll do great as far as growing his team. Both of these young men are also superior motivators, which is an essential skill for any business leader.”

"We are dedicated to putting talented people who are passionate about their work in position to succeed,"

Jaclyn , Senior Manager

As they set out to conquer the new markets, Franklin and Daniel will have a wide range of responsibilities in their new roles as managers. First and foremost, they’ll be responsible for overseeing and motivating teams of 20-25 associates and helping them meet or exceed predetermined revenue goals. Along with that, they’ll also provide constructive feedback to their team members and plan weekly meetings covering all aspects of sales and customer service operations.

Executive Enterprises Senior Manager Details Advancement and Growth Opportunities

The leaders at Executive Enterprise have created an environment defined by professional development and constant improvement. Innovation leads the way in all the company’s pursuits, and that extends to their progressive and comprehensive approach to training. As the senior manager added, “When our associates master the requisite skills for their positions, they are promoted within the company and take on higher levels of responsibility in a short time frame. We are proud of the growth culture that we have cultivated, and we’re always pleased to recognize and reward the hard work and dedication shown by our exceptional team members. Franklin and Daniel are two great examples of how well this works for us.”

Promotions within the firm are truly based on achievement and merit. Political gamesmanship and matters of seniority simply don’t drive the decisions made by company leaders. “We are dedicated to putting talented people who are passionate about their work in position to succeed,” concluded Jaclyn. “That commitment has powered our firm’s ascendancy, and we will continue to elevate top performers to higher levels within the organization.”

About Executive Enterprise

Executive Enterprise is a full-service consulting and marketing firm dedicated to offering innovative lead generation methods to drive clients’ growth. Compared to more traditional promotional channels, Executive Enterprise’s methods deliver measurable results more quickly and with excellent return on investment. This is the result of the personal relationships with consumers forged through experiential campaigns led by the firm’s advertising experts. Their history of success has resulted in the development of an impressive portfolio of clients including global brands. To learn more about how their innovative strategies drive results, visit executive-enterpriseny.com.