Executive Enterprise's Senior Manager Jaclyn Zepernick Offers Careers

When it comes to hiring, Executive Enterprise's management clearly states that they are not seeking only to fill jobs. The managers note that they offer bona fide career opportunities in promotional sales marketing.

“It’s a shocker to today’s job seekers when they learn we actually have a career track,” said Jaclyn Zepernick, Executive Enterprise’s senior manager. “Most of our new recruits have only interviewed for positions for which there’s no obvious advancement.”

As Zepernick explained, her firm’s philosophy has always offered progressive advancement opportunities for dedicated and accomplished associates. “We believe in two things. First, we believe that hard work and commitment should be rewarded. Why would anyone be motivated to work hard if there was nowhere to grow?” she said.

"It's a shocker to today's job seekers when they learn we actually have a career track,"

Jaclyn , Senior Manager

“Second, this firm invests considerably in training and developing our team members,” Zepernick added. “We would be foolish to allow that investment to go out the door. Why allow another company to benefit from our efforts? When you’re dedicated to supporting your team and helping them succeed, you want to see your efforts bear fruit.”

The management of Executive Enterprise, which is located just east of New York City, rigorously trains new team members on their unique marketing methods. “We ensure that each associate is well-versed in our approach,” Zepernick said. “We believe in continual learning.”

“We’re fortunate that our team members are talented and inspired to grow,” she stated. “As they learn the ropes, we add more responsibilities. People we were just training are now teaching others. Our firm and our team expand together.”

Executive Enterprises Senior Manager Differentiates Careers From Jobs

Zepernick noted that job seekers should actively pursue firms that offer career tracks. “When you’re interviewing, ask questions about where those who have been in this role have gone in the company,” she suggested. “What you’re trying to flesh out is whether there are direct advancement opportunities. You want to know if people are moving to higher positions or if they stagnate in the same role for years. If it’s the latter, this is not a company with a progressive promotion policy.”

“Even before you start seeking a job, you should have an idea of where you want to be in five or even 10 years,” she added. “Have your own career plan in place. This will help you decide whether a firm’s plan aligns with yours. It will help you discern between jobs that are worth taking for the experience, compared to dead end jobs that won’t contribute to your future plans.”

As Zepernick suggested, too often people focus on salary and not long-term plans. “Of course we all need money to survive,” she said. “A good salary is important. However, it’s not going to keep you motivated forever. You don’t want to spend eight to 10 hours a day just putting in time to collect a paycheck. Your life’s work should be more fulfilling.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of Executive Enterprise and growing a firm that’s making an impact in the industry,” Zepernick concluded. “This is the career I have dreamed of having. I look forward to helping others on my team fulfill their career goals as well.”

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