Executive Enterprise's Senior Manager on the Law of Attraction

Jaclyn Zepernick, the senior manager at Executive Enterprise, uses the Law of Attraction to achieve more. She explained how her team leverages this powerful principle.

​As Jaclyn Zepernick explains it, the idea behind the Law of Attraction is that people attract what they think about, whether that be good or bad. This is an idea that has consistently proven itself to hold true. Jaclyn and her team like to take advantage of it in order to achieve their goals as a firm. By focusing on their anticipated outcomes, they are more likely to achieve them.

"I believe that anyone can achieve almost anything,” Jaclyn Zepernick stated. “It is simply a case of dwelling on the right things. This is why we stay positive at our office and focus on inviting success instead of burdening ourselves with thoughts of failure.”

"I believe that anyone can achieve almost anything,"

Jaclyn , Director

Effective goal setting is one of the ways the team accomplishes this at Executive Enterprise. By understanding what they want, they can focus on it more. Additionally, they spend time every day simply visualizing their end goals, according to Jaclyn Zepernick.

“A lot of people do not realize how active and demanding the Law of Attraction is,” she added. “Merely wanting something is not enough. It is all about focusing on the right things. As such, I always avoid negative television shows and toxic people, and try not to dwell on problems. Instead, I spend my time thinking about solutions.”

She also indicated that the Law of Attraction puts a lot of responsibility on people. It means that they have control over the types of people and events they attract. Jaclyn pointed out that this is at once both empowering and intimidating.

Executive Enterprises Senior Manager Reveals the Biggest Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction

 Jaclyn Zepernick continued that there is one major mistake that people make with the Law of Attraction. She has worked hard with her team at Executive Enterprise to understand this important point: to attract anything, they must have energy.

“You can’t simply think about what you want, you also have to put your emotional energy behind it,” said Jaclyn Zepernick. “In other words, you have to really want it. This emotional energy will give you the physical and mental drive to do what is necessary to reach your objectives. Used correctly, the Law of Attraction can be leveraged to achieve just about anything, either personally or professionally. It’s all about focus and energy!”

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