Executive Enterprise's Human Resources Manager Vanessa Vargas on Being the Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Manager

Vanessa Vargas, Executive Enterprise's human resources manager, focuses on how being the missing puzzle piece to the senior manager sets a crucial foundation for a successful business.

“Being a business owner that is constantly expanding gets overwhelming for one person to handle. Sometimes wearing “too many hats” is not necessary when you find the perfect puzzle piece to handle situations and responsibilities they don’t have the time to do.” said Vanessa Vargas.

What every business owner looks for is the perfect person for the position that can effectively do the requirements, handle the responsibilities and maintain results when the manager cannot find the adequate time to set aside for that task.

“One of the most important things about holding a successful career in a business is to demonstrate your capabilities and prove to your manager why you are irreplaceable.” said Vanessa Vargas.

“Think of yourself as a four-leaf clover. Difficult to find, but when you are, you provide a sense of fortune, prosperity and achievement.”- Vanessa Vargas

The reality is that there are people who are qualified to hold the positions held at Executive Enterprise, but performance, creativity, different approaches, 100% commitment and a true passion is always acknowledged by the senior manager Jaclyn Zepernick

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